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What to take to St Martin & how to get through the boarder crossings

St Martin is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. This island is a very popular tourist destination, and it offers a unique combination of urban and beach side fun. When traveling to this island it is important to know what to pack, and what you will need to make it through customs. This includes both customs into the island, and crossing the boarder between the French and Netherlands sides of the island.

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What To Take With You

St Martin is a Caribbean island, and so it is a warm tropical environment. This means that one needs to pack light clothing that is good for the heat and humidity. However, visitors will have to deal with such things as the wind, rain, and the sun. In addition, the combination of the cool air and wind at night can actually make it quite chilly at night.

This means that in addition to things like shorts and t-shirts, one should pack a light jacket that is good for rain. One should also pack a hat with a brim, and several long sleeve shirts to keep the sun off. Sandals are great for walking around on the beach, but close toe shoes are advised for going around the city. This will protect one’s feet in crowds, and it will allow for one to dress appropriately in restaurants.

Finally, one should take some gear that is specifically meant for going out on the beach. It may be a good idea to pack a full sized beach towel as they can be expensive to purchase from local shops. One should pack strong sunscreen that is able to protect a person in strong sunlight. Stronger sunscreen or even water resistant sunscreen is a great item to have for children.

Travel To The Island And Crossing The Islands Boarders

For the most part, going through customs in order to get into these islands is very easy. A person is going to need to have a valid passport to get into the island. St Martin accepts most download (3)people for short term stays without requiring a visa. However, it is a good idea to check to see if extra paperwork is required depending the country that you are traveling from. If you are spending time on both sites of the island it is a good idea to rent a car with St Maarten car rental while on vacation to store your luggage while sight seeing.

The north and south side of the island are divided between the French and the Netherlands. A person will need to go through a loose customs boarder in order to travel. This will require one to have a passport. In addition, it is a good idea to check if one is planning on crossing the boarder with the intention of spending several nights before traveling back.