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Amazing Place

5919694051_c2b0ce3e0b_zThe Caribbean is one of the world’s most amazing places. I am always delighted by the region’s crystal clear waters, warm weather and friendly people every single time I happen to set foot here. The many islands of the Caribbean make an ideal vacation for anyone young or old. Over the years I have been to this region of the world as bridesmaid, with my kids and alone with my husband. Each time, I have come away refreshed, relaxed and truly happy.

One of my favorite places to visit in all of the Caribbean is St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a small island north of Venezuela. In my opinion, it is one of the very prettiest of all of the islands of the Caribbean. The island is filled with great wildlife, almost unbelievably pretty beaches and waters so pleasant you will want to spend at much time as possible driving around the island usingĀ http://www.valuecarrental.com/. The island is also home to a very interesting culture. It is half Dutch and half French. One of the island is under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands while the other part of the island is considered part of France. The result is a fascinating mixture of cultures that allows for a bit of elegant Europe only with a much better climate!

Another great thing about St. Maarten is how easy it can be to get here. Many islands in the Caribbean do not have airports. This means that people must travel there via an airplane to one destination nearby then take a boat or even more than one boat to get there. Not so with St. Maarten. The island can be reached directly via a plane ride to Princess Juliana airport. The airport on the Dutch side of the island is fascinating as planes land very low. People will often gather right near the airport to watch from a beach right at the edge of the island and planes land almost directly over their heads. I’ve seen this directly and it is both scary and wonderful at the same time.

The island, while a great location as a destination, is also centrally located making it easy for someone use it as a base to explore other islands in the area. Anguilla is right nearby as is the island of Saba. The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are also close by as is the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It is easy to fly to this island and then take boat rides to other area 6428312215_d83b72919f_zislands as part of an extended stay on the island.

If you are going to stay here mostly, I recommend making arrangements well in advance. The high season is about January when people flock away from snow and rain to the sunny local climate. It is best to make any plans to stay here at least three months in advance if possible. During other seasons, it is less expensive but as enjoyable. I like to come here during the summer when I can as it also makes a relaxing and pleasant break from my local urban area. Those who come here will be just as delighted as I have been. The island is an enchanting place where it is possible to truly be part of a great area of the world.